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Can I replace just one panel?

Can I replace just one panel?

We live in an unpredictable world where accidents happen everyday.  Unfortunately, some of  these accidents happen to or around the garage door.  Maybe it is just one of those mornings, and you back out of the garage when the door hasn’t opened all the way. Maybe your grandson was practicing his World Cup debut in the driveway and the door was the goal.  No matter what happens the result is the same; damaged garage door panels.  In some cases the damage is only aesthetically displeasing.  Other times, it affects the functionality of the door.  If this is the case, and it is not addressed promptly the slight damage can quickly grow to a major repair.

If only one or two panels of the garage door are bent, dented, or punctured, sometimes it is possible (and much cheaper) to swap out the damaged panels only with new ones.  However, there are a few conditions that apply when changing out panels only.

The first condition is the manufacturer of the original door.  That company needs to still be in business, and still making that style and model of door panels.  If you do not know the brand of your door and there are no indicators present then it is time to call a professional.  A professional, like The Garage Door Man, can usually tell by the hardware and hinges who made the door since all companies have a unique style of hardware and way of constructing the door.  We always suggest to send us pictures via email so that we can identify the door manufacturer and give you an accurate list of options without having to charge you a trip or service fee.

The other issue that arises when changing panels is matching the color to existing panels.  As many people know, even if your door started out white after a few years it can become discolored.  This is incredibly apparent when you replace one panel with a shiny bright white one.  Painting to match is possible, but trickier than one thinks and should be left to a professional which results in another cost.

The best thing to do is to call The Garage Door Man for a free estimate so that he can advise you on your options.  That way you can consider whether it is better to change one or two panels, all the panels, or get an entirely new door.

Written by Garage Door Man

James Teague, aka the Garage Door Man, has been serving San Diego with Garage Door Installations and Garage Door Repairs since 1985. He has continued to provide service that can only be described as friendly, honest and fair and he continues with these values today. license#851175