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Carriage House Doors

Carriage House Doors

Upgrading a garage door can be a great way to add an instant face lift to your home, while also adding curb appeal and property value.  A very popular choice in design in the carriage house garage door.  This terminology is very broad and has endless design options, but we will try to narrow it down to the three most common types to give customers an idea of where to start.

Carriage House Doors

First off, what is a carriage house door?  In most cases, it is a door with intricate detail to make it look like a historic home or old fashioned barn.  It looks like it should slide horizontally, but in fact operates just as your standard overhead door, rising vertically in panels.  It can be made of steel or wood with pros and cons to both.  Nothing beats the beauty of real wood, but it also comes with added maintenance and usually added cost.  Carriage house doors also usually feature additional hardware such as hinges and handles that add to the authenticity of the look.

basic design options for carriage house garage doors

Basic design options for carriage house garage doors

The first design option we are going to touch on is referred to as a bead board pattern.  It is a design made of vertical boxes that could or could not have additional lines inside of the boxes (see 301-303).  The second style is a half cross buck panel which is the addition of one diagonal plank (304), and the third would be a full cross buck panel which resembles an X (305).  As one can see, windows can be added in any shape and size to create even more options.  These doors can be designed to fit any home and aesthetic.  Replacing the garage door ranked in the top 5 of best remodels in 2014 when comparing cost to added home value.  If this is something that the customer is considering, adding a carriage house garage door is a great option. The Garage Door Man is extremely familiar with carriage house doors and would be happy to come out for a free estimate.

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