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Every color under the rainbow

Every color under the rainbow

clopay color blast

So what happens when the color scheme of your home doesn’t match the standard colors that manufacturers have chosen for garage doors?  Clopay and Sherwin Williams have teamed up to provide a solution.  They have developed the Color Blast System.  This system  allows customers to choose from over 1,000 Sherwin Williams hues to match even the most unique home.  Customers are able to view these options on Sherwin William’s website : or by visiting one of their many locations and picking up some chips or samples.  Color Blast is available on all steel, composite and aluminum sectional doors.  Since Clopay has tons of different styles of doors to choose from, picking a door and then picking a shade from Sherwin Williams ensures that a customer can get exactly what they want.  Clopay has a great website that can be accessed here :

In addition to getting more color options the Color Blast System uses a two-part polyurethane based paint.  This paint provides excellent adhesion and durability on steel, aluminum, vinyl and plastics.  Having Clopay paint the door also takes away the headache of finding an independent painter and ensuring that they are using the correct paint.  The Color Blast system is backed by a five year warranty and meets American Architectural Manufacturing Association 2604 standards.

Because of the customer nature of this process, the price and turn around time does increase.  However, if a customer has already spent money and time on a remodel or renovation to achieve a specific look, a custom painted garage door could be the final piece that ties the entire house together.  If you are interested in the Color Blast system or any of our other garage door options, call for a free estimate at (760) 710 7251.


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