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Garage Door Keypad Installation

Keypads offer a level of convenience heretofore unknown. This technology allows you to access your garage simply by entering a code on the keypad. How is this an increase in convenience? If your remote battery dies, you can tap out your code and get inside your garage. Keypads have become especially convenient in recent years as parents now prefer to give their children the code instead of a key, which could be lost. The Garage Door Man can install the perfect system for your needs. Our main suppliers are Genie and LiftMaster, but we have access to many others, too.

A technology is only useful if it works. If your keypad system stops working, call the Garage Door Man. We have years of experience in dealing with these systems and will get yours working again in no time! If you don’t have one of these convenient systems, we can give you a FREE estimate on having one installed. It’s a bit more complex than programming your VCR – for those of you who remember those – but, we do it all the time. Call the Garage Door
Man for all your keypad needs.

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