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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs, whether torsion or extension, are important components in your garage door system. Due to the extreme tension these parts are under, and the added stresses of daily use, problems can sometimes arise. However, not every spring problem requires a complete replacement; often, repairs can be done instead.

Garage Door Spring Repair

The Garage Door Man has decades of experience working with these systems. Our well-trained technicians can inspect your system and easily determine if it needs repairs or a complete replacement. Obviously, if your springs have snapped they’ll need to be replaced. If the problem is less severe – hardware damage, such as that connected to the torsion bar – a repair is the best, and most affordable, solution.

Let the Pro’s Handle Your Repair or Replacement

Though spring system repairs are less expensive than full replacements, they are just as dangerous. These repairs should never be attempted by anyone but a qualified professional. The extreme tension in the springs can cause a serious backlash if they come loose from their mounts. Additionally, many manufacturers won’t sell the necessary parts for these repairs to anyone but a qualified professional due to the possibility of injury to customers.

The most avid DIY’er may think that a trip to the local hardware store is sufficient; however, these generic parts are not made specifically for your system. Non-manufacturer parts may be substandard and not able to withstand the tension and constant use to which they’ll be exposed. The Garage Door Man has access to the correct parts for your system; our response time is quick, our services are guaranteed, and your safety is assured. Our prices on repairs are very affordable, too. The inspection is FREE, and we BEAT all our competitors’ prices, guaranteed!

A sudden failure of your garage door springs can be a very dangerous situation. The springs in your garage door system not only help the opener do its job, they also support the weight of the door itself. When the springs snap, they release the full weight of the door in the process. If you, or your car, are under the door when that happens, serious injury can result. Even if you’re clear of the door, the springs themselves act as snapped rubber bands when they break. If you’ve ever been stung by a snapped rubber band, imagine that pain multiplied several times and delivered by a metal spring! It’s much easier, safer, and affordable to catch the issue before it becomes a problem.

Even better, have us perform our famous annual Tune-Up service on your garage door system; not only will that help the system last longer, but we’ll also spot worn-out springs and other parts before they create dangerous situations. Plus, we’re currently offering a $10.00 off coupon on a garage door Tune-Up!

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