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Garage Door Spring Replacement

The Garage Door Man has decades of experience working with garage door spring systems. Our well-trained technicians can inspect your system and easily determine if it needs repairs or a complete replacement. Obviously, if your springs have snapped they’ll need to be replaced; but there are other, less obvious, instances when a replacement is needed.

Garage door springs are designed to last for a certain number of cycles. A cycle is defined as the opening and closing of the garage door. Most springs are rated for 10,000 cycles, with some being rated as high as 60,000 cycles. The cables also have to be taken into consideration; these very important safety features can become worn or frayed. There are signs a trained professional can recognize that indicate a spring system is nearing the end of its useful – and safe – life.

When that point arrives, a replacement of the entire spring system is the only safe way to go. Garage door spring replacement should never be attempted by anyone but a qualified professional. These springs are under extreme tension, and if they suddenly snap in two or come free from their mounts, serious injury to property or life can result. Some garage door systems have two springs. It is necessary to replace both springs at the same time to ensure proper and smooth function of the garage door system. Likewise, the cables should be replaced when the springs are replaced so that every part of the system is at its peak condition for servicing you and your family.

This is NOT a DIY project, either! It cannot be stressed enough that the spring system should only be worked on by qualified professionals with the necessary tools and experience. In fact, many manufacturers won’t sell the necessary parts for these repairs to anyone but a qualified professional due to the possibility of injury to customers.

The Garage Door Man has access to the correct parts for your system; we also have all the necessary experience and tools to do the job safely – after all, we’ve been doing it since 1985! Our response time is quick, our services are guaranteed, and your safety is assured. Our prices on spring system replacements are very affordable, too. The inspection is FREE, and we BEAT all our competitors’ prices, guaranteed! We’re even offering a $25.00 off coupon for a double torsion spring replacement!

One thing you can do to help keep your garage door system in tip-top condition is to have us perform our famous annual Tune-Up service. Not only will that help the system last longer, but we’ll also spot worn-out springs and other parts before they create dangerous situations. Plus, we’re currently offering a $10.00 off coupon on a garage door Tune-Up!

The Garage Door Man is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you. We’re available to provide you immediate assistance; call us at 760-710-7251 whenever you need us for the best service, price, and guarantee in the business!

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