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The Lost Art of Customer Service

The Lost Art of Customer Service


There is more than one reason why Garage Door Man has been a successful company for over twenty-five years, but the most important is the supreme customer service that he provides.  Garage Door Man treats every customer like a part of his family.  He takes into account their well- being, safety and happiness before leaving any home.  There are usually more than one option when repairing or replacing a part or the entire garage door.  The Garage Door Man will present all of these options so that everyone can feel comfortable going forward with a plan that works for the functionality of the garage without bankrupting the customer.


Sadly, we live in a world that is controlled by the almighty dollar, and most other companies operate within that mindset.  They advertise bottom barrel prices and free estimates just so that they can get into someone’s home.  Once they are there, they point out minnute problems and pressure customers into costly repairs that they do not need.  In addition, and probably worse than their pushy sales tactics, some companies provide low quality products at an unbelievably high mark up.  This usually leaves the customer back at square one, six months later; looking for a trustworthy company, and now paying for the repair twice.


There are a few places where one can research companies; e.g Angie’s List, or Yelp, and you will find that Garage Door Man ranks among the highest on both of those websites.  However, not all reviews can be trusted as one never knows if they are genuine and non-biased.  Good ol’ word of mouth is the best way to choose a reliable garage door company, and what has kept Garage Door Man at the top of the heap for decades.  He strives to keep his reputation impeccable by providing great service at a fair price, and thus perfecting the lost art of customer service.

Written by Garage Door Man

James Teague, aka the Garage Door Man, has been serving San Diego with Garage Door Installations and Garage Door Repairs since 1985. He has continued to provide service that can only be described as friendly, honest and fair and he continues with these values today. license#851175