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If a one piece door and a sectional door had a baby

If a one piece door and a sectional door had a baby

Garages come in all shapes and sizes.  Variations of both the exterior and the interior of the garage can provide a long list of requirements that must be considered when choosing the right garage door.  We are going to touch on a type of garage door that is rare, however is the ideal fit for customers that want the modern look of a sectional roll-up door, but have limited ceiling space inside the garage and need the movement of a one piece flip up door.

A one piece door swings upward in one whole piece.  If the door was seven feet tall then approximately three feet of the door would stick out of the top of the opening when it is in the open position.  This would mean that the garage would only have to accommodate four feet of travel room from the opening to where the operator was hung.  This would be a good choice for someone who has shelving or other obstructions on the ceiling of the garage restricting the position of the operator.  In comparison, a sectional roll-up door rolls back into the garage on tracks and the entire seven feet of door length travels into the garage with nothing sticking out.  Therefore, a sectional door needs at least seven feet of travel room on the ceiling of the garage and would not fit if there were obstructions on the ceiling.

Most people are familiar with one piece doors that are made of wood.  Some feel that these flip-up doors look outdated, and worry about damage due to the elements and wood eating bugs such as termites.  To combat these concerns Garage Door Man takes a sectional door and adds extra hardware and structural braces to connect the sections into one large piece.  This creates a one piece flip-up door made of steel.  It has the low maintenance factor of a standard sectional door, but is actually stronger and more durable.  Panels begin to sag over time and have to be reinforced, since the braces are already there, this alleviates the entire problem before it happens.

The Garage Door Man has the know how to come up with the best solution for any garage issue. Building one piece steel doors is just one of many options that he uses to help customers choose the best garage door for them and their individual situation.

Written by Garage Door Man

James Teague, aka the Garage Door Man, has been serving San Diego with Garage Door Installations and Garage Door Repairs since 1985. He has continued to provide service that can only be described as friendly, honest and fair and he continues with these values today. license#851175