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A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty



A model made by the customer as a reference for the construction team

A model made by the customer as a reference for the construction team

Dealing with customers is the best part and sometimes the worst part of anybody’s job.  It can be frustrating, but every once in awhile you encounter a customer that is truly special.  They touch your heart and make you a better person because of your meeting.  Chuck is one of these customers.

Chuck first contacted Garage Door Man months ago, and informed us that he was adding an additional garage onto his home.  He not only wanted our assistance in the door itself, but also relied on our knowledge of the entire garage structure from the foundation up.  Chuck had a clear vision in his head, and wanted every detail that he had thought out carefully to be executed with the highest quality possible.  He was now retired, but had been a very successful engineer for many years.  He used his expertise and visualization skills to build a cardboard model of what he wanted the garage to look like.  Then he assembled a team of  professionals including The Garage Door Man, architects, electricians, painters, and masons to make his vision a reality.

The entire process took many trips and meetings with different members of the team to correlate, adjust, and eventually finish the new garage.  Sometimes when a customer is as meticulous and detail oriented as Chuck is, multiple requests or changes can be difficult for anybody in the construction field.  This was never the case with Chuck.  He was always cheerful and excited when he called.  Chuck really reignited a fire inside of the Garage Door Man team.  There is something about seeing a project from start to finish that makes one feel very accomplished and proud.  Chuck’s garage reminded us that garage doors really are our passion.  When customers devote themselves to the process as much as we do, the final product is pure beauty.

Chuck's finished door/garage add on

Chuck’s finished door/garage add on

When the time had come to hang the door, which was a beautiful faux wood carriage style with arched windows to match the brick trim, I had to leave the office to see it for myself.  I also wanted to meet the man that I had spoken to on the phone so many times.  I was blown away by both.  Not only did the outside of the garage look impeccable, but the inside was sleek and streamlined.  This clean look was emphasized by the absence of a hanging garage door opener.  Instead, he had an inconspicuous Jackshaft opener hidden in a corner out of the way.

Although the garage was fantastic, getting to meet Chuck was the highlight of my day.  He opened himself up to our entire team and definitely left a lasting impression.  We knew that he put all of his heart and soul into everything he did, and this was embodied by the classic car he showed us in the main garage.  He had rebuilt everything from the airplane engine to the tail lights, and hired the top professionals in their field if there was a task that was outside of his skill set.  Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is ask others for help and this was obviously a lesson that Chuck had learned during his incredibly interesting life.


One of Chuck’s many restoration projects

Chuck is a reminder that with anything in life you get out what you put in.  Thank you for being an inspiration and a friend.


Written by Garage Door Man

James Teague, aka the Garage Door Man, has been serving San Diego with Garage Door Installations and Garage Door Repairs since 1985. He has continued to provide service that can only be described as friendly, honest and fair and he continues with these values today. license#851175