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Troubleshooting a garage door opening

Troubleshooting a garage door opening

Sometimes working on garage doors is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  There are tons of components that must be combined in the proper order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, every time.  However, before a garage door professional can worry about the functionality and movement of the garage door, the first thing they must assess is the install.  A large part of this assessment is the scrutiny of the garage door opening.  Just like the homes they are attached to, and the customers themselves, no two openings are the same.  There are tons of variables that can affect the install based on oddities of the opening.  We are going to touch on one that the Garage Door Man has come across recently, and solved with beautiful results.  This variable is an uneven concrete slab at the base of the opening.

Adding scribed wood to the bottom panel of the garage  door to fill the gap from uneven concrete

Adding scribed wood to the bottom panel of the garage door to fill the gap from uneven concrete

As you can imagine, if the opening is sloped and the bottom of the garage door is level, when the door closes there will be substantial gap.   Anything from rain, to leaves, to rodents could intrude into the garage through this gap and cause the customer a headache or worse.  Nobody wants to take the time, or pay the cost of re-pouring concrete so what is the solution?  Hire the Garage Door Man to scribe the bottom of the garage door.  After thirty years of experience with all types of doors and openings, The Garage Door Man has the knowledge and the skill to add an inconspicuous piece of wood to the bottom of the garage door that coincides with the slope of the concrete.  By transferring the slope from the concrete to the garage door itself ( or scribing), The Garage Door Man is able to make a tight fit every time.  This prevents unnecessary cleaning and pest control and keeps your garage tidy and secure.

Not all garage door companies have the expertise to foresee this problem, know how to fix it properly, and will do so at a fair cost to the customer.  That is why The Garage Door Man always suggests doing research before hiring any professional whether concerning the garage or any other part of the home.

Written by Garage Door Man

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