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What kind of new garage door do I want?

What kind of new garage door do I want?
Sometimes you need a new garage door!

Sometimes you need a new garage door!

A garage door is something that most people use on a daily basis but rarely think about unless they have to.  However, at some point it either fails or a change is just needed, and you begin the journey of shopping for and eventually installing a new garage door.  Here is a quick check list of things to consider before you order.  If you are knowledgable about the options it is more likely that you will get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

1.  Repair or replace?  Many times customers start looking for a new garage door because they have to.  When the current door is unsafe, unreliable, or an incredible eye sore it is probably time to replace the door.  However, sometimes repair companies will suggest replacing the entire door when only a few repairs are necessary.  It is always important to get more than one opinion and weigh your options between repair and replacement based on the age and functionality of the entire system.

2.  Do you have any restrictions?  Garage door openings and interiors can present all types of restrictions that can limit the options of a new door.  Obstructed travel room and size requirements all need to be considered to get the best door and tracking for your situation.  secondly, many HOAs have very specific requirements for garage doors such as color, style and even brand that need to be followed to a t.

3.  What material do you want the door made out of?  Garage doors come in all kinds of different types of wood, steel and combinations and composites of the two.  All of these materials have pros and cons and should  be discussed and considered when choosing the right door.

4.  What style do you want?  Modern, carriage house, short panel, long panel, flush….. The options can go on and on so it is helpful to have an idea of then look you want before getting started.  You can comb other neighborhoods or the internet to get ideas of what appeals to you while considering the overall style of you home.

5.What color do you want?  Painting the garage door after installation is an option, but it is easier and usually more cost effective to originally choose a color that matches the home’s exterior color and trim accents.  You also want to consider interior temperature and fading due to sun exposure, depending on where the door faces, and any future plans of changing the home’s color scheme.

6.  Do you want insulation?  Insulation is not only to keep the cold out in extreme climates.  It also keeps the heat out, muffles sound and reinforces the structure of the entire door.  For these reasons and more it should be considered even in moderate climates such as San Diego.

7.  Do you want windows?  Windows can improve the look of the door and increase the amount of natural light allowed into the garage, but it can also increase the cost at both the installation phase and possibly down the road if the glass gets broken.  If you do want to add windows, the options of glass types and insert designs are almost as vast as the options of the door itself.

8.  Do I need a new opener?  Generally there is a break in labor costs when you install a new opener at the same time as the new door so you should assess the age and efficiency of the current opener prior to install.  Also, if you are changing the material of the door or amount of weight that is put on your opener, like going from a steel pan door to a wood sectional carriage house door for example, an upgrade or change in opener might be necessary to get the door to move as smoothly as possible.

9.  Do you have the right quote from the right company?  Garage Door Man always suggests getting more than one quote and feels that you should take as much time as necessary to make a decision on which garage doors you should order.  You should never feel pressured or rushed into making any of the decisions outlined above.  You should also never feel stupid or like a burden if you have multiple questions about any of the operations, styles, or costs associated with the garage door.

10.  Is your garage ready for installation?  Ok the quotes have been given, the questions have been answered, the decisions have been made, and the doors have been ordered.  Now what? The last thing is to make sure the garage is as clear as possible so that the installers have plenty of room to remove the old doors and install the new ones.  After that is done, just enjoy the new doors!

Written by Garage Door Man

James Teague, aka the Garage Door Man, has been serving San Diego with Garage Door Installations and Garage Door Repairs since 1985. He has continued to provide service that can only be described as friendly, honest and fair and he continues with these values today. license#851175