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Garage Door Repair

Some tasks are easy “DIY” jobs, and some aren’t.  Garage door repair is the perfect example of a non-DIY job.  These repairs can be dangerous if attempted by anyone other than a trained professional.  Your garage door itself may be too heavy for one person to handle safely. There are powerful springs counterbalancing this weight; without them, the door could fall and injure either you or your car.

These garage door springs are under extreme tension.  The torsion springs are connected to a torsion bar by cables; if these cables are loose or break, very dangerous conditions result.  Likewise, the extension springs are under the most tension when your garage door is closed. Serious injury can result if these springs break free.  We recommend calling a professional to handle your garage door service needs. You can rest assured that the Garage Door Man will solve your problems safely and efficiently; and, we won’t break your budget in the process!

The Garage Door Man offers FREE estimates on service.  We believe in treating our customers fairly and honestly; if your problem is just a loose part, we’ll tell you rather than trying to sell you a completely new system.  If your repair is more complicated or if you do need a new system, we’ll cover all your options with you in order to give you the best solution for your home and your budget.

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