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The Life of a Torsion Spring


Torsion spring above 8×7 sectional door

Now that we have established what a torsion spring is and what it does, let’s delve into what you can do to extend their lives. There are three primary ways to extend the life of your springs.

1.Prevent Rust– If rust occurs on your spring, the friction can cause the spring to weaken and break. Spraying a lubricant (almost all home store carry garage specific lubricants) along the length of your spring every couple of months can really make a big difference.

2.Have Your Door Professionally Serviced-The mechanics of a garage door rely heavily on balances.  If every component is properly installed and maintained, each part will do its job with maximum efficiency.  It is essential that the right torsion springs are chosen, usually dependent on the weight of the door, and that the door is properly balanced and tuned up by a professional.  Having a garage door professional routinely at your home also provides the benefit of possibly identifying a spring on its last leg and replacing it before disaster strikes.

3.Limit Your Garage Door Usage– Everyone is guilty of going in and out of the garage when it is not completely necessary.  Just remember that an average torsion spring has a cycle life of approximately 10,000 cycles.  Each time that door goes up, your son grabs his bike out, and the door closes again, that is one cycle.  That means you are now one cycle closer to replacing that spring.


Written by Garage Door Man

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