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A Window to the Outside World

A Window to the Outside World

Customers choose to add windows to their garage door for a variety of reasons.  They might want to utilize the natural light, they might want to be able to see inside or outside the garage, or they just might like the way the windows look.  However, once the decision to add windows is made, the choices do not stop there.

There are tons of options to customize the windows to fit specific needs.  If the customer is concerned about the glass breaking, it can be upgraded from plain glass to dual pane for added strength.  If a customer wants windows but does not want to feel vulnerable to outsiders, obscured or tinted glass is another option.  This supplies the aesthetic of windows and privacy all in one.

Once a customer decides on their preferred glass, they can decide on whether or not they want decorative inserts.  These are made out of a variety of materials from plastic to wrought iron, and come in all shapes and sizes.  If chosen, they can add just one more level of custom flare to the garage door.

The last step in window decision making is the placement of the windows.  Most customers assume that the windows always go in the top section of the door, but that is not always the case.  A modern twist and really interesting choice in window placement is to put one window in each panel vertically.  Garage Door Man enjoys giving the customer exactly what they are dreaming of and windows are just another way we do that on a daily basis.

Written by Garage Door Man

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