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Window to the Outside World

Window to the Outside World

Stockton Window Design on a Long Panel Door


Whether or not to add windows to the garage door is a debatable topic, and a deeply personal choice.  For some people, windows on a garage door provide that finishing touch that make the garage or home look complete.  Other people find them frivolous and a security concern.  To help ease the decision making, we are going to present some of the major pros and cons of adding windows to the garage door.

The most common reason why people choose to add windows is because they like the way they look.  They add a little wow factor to what can otherwise be a plain looking door.  There are tons of different styles and designs one can choose to make their home stand out from the rest of the homes on the block.  Another popular reason to add windows is the availability of natural light to shine through.  Many people find it convenient, pleasant, and energy conscious to utilize the illuminance of the sun rather than flipping on a light switch.

Garage door manufacturers are aware that some people have worries about having windows in their garage door and have taken the necessary steps to address these issues.  One of the most common concerns with windows is the thought of people being able to see the contents of the garage door through the windows.  There are a couple of options if security is important to the customer.  First of all, if the windows are placed on the top panel, someone must be well over six feet tall and standing very close to the door to be able to see inside, and even then would have a very limited view of what was inside the garage.  Secondly, there are tons of non-transparent glass options and decorative inserts that can be placed over the glass to further obstruct any type of view through the windows.

The other argument against windows that I often hear is that the customer just doesn’t want or need the additional cost.  Not only of adding the windows in the first place, but also the cost of replacing them later if they crack or break.  This is a valid argument, but I always try to remind customers that if there is any part of them that wants windows, the time to do it is at the original install.  It is always more expensive to add them down the road, and you don’t want to pull up to the door everyday and wish it had beautiful windows.  As far as replacing them goes, there are strengthened double pane glass options to prevent cracking or breaks, but if one does occur many styles can be easily replaced by the customer at a very small cost.

Written by Garage Door Man

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